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"Soccer city" stadium is the 2010 South Africa World Cup main stadium, opening ceremony, the opening game of the World Cup and the closing ceremonies were held here, according to South Africa Press Association reported on the 12th, South Africa World Cup main stadium, formerly known as "the first National Bank Stadium". In World Cup bid success Hou, South Africa Government spent has 3.4 billion blue special (about collection 485 million dollars) on the stadium for has reconstruction, and will its again named for "football city" Stadium first National Bank of spokesman in World Cup Hou said, "football city" stadium is pursuant to FIFA of requires and determines of temporary name, World Cup ended Hou should recovery "first National Bank Stadium" this original of name however, the stadium of managers, South Africa Stadium management company think, This stadium was renamed after the World Cup "National Stadium" more reasonable parties arguing about this,fifa coins trader and finally had to resort to legal, 12th, Johannesburg's High Court ruled that "soccer city" stadium must be changed back to its original name, the "first National Bank Stadium". The stadium events and promotional materials in the future will use this name in South Africa World Cup main stadium was originally built in the 80 's of the last century, before the World Cup after a year of renovation, externally covered with Brown tiles shaped like a gourd. South Africa's largest stadium, seating capacity of 95,000 spectators.