fifa 14 ultimate team coins Confederations Cup

"To say that in recent years,fifa 14 ultimate team coins the offensive and defensive balance and relative stability of the team, is the winner of the last World Cup Spain team, although on the Confederations Cup, Spain three-goal loss to Brazil team, once again, but this team still has to win Brazil's World Cup champion, successfully defending power. Spain is still the most powerful places its midfield, Xavi, Iniesta, buzikesi these three old teammates of Barcelona and the national team continued to be Spain midfielder crutch because, besides Fabregas and Xabi Alonso in midfield organization and scheduling abilities should not be underestimated. On the offensive line, da Silva, Pedro, Navas, Mata all are excellent winger, center position players such as Torres, Villa, Soldado. Crossing the line, pique and Ramos in the Centre combination is still very robust, good goalkeeper shengkaxi. Now Spain is relatively weak side Defender. "Old Zhao have been promoting Spain team, he found that Spain and Brazil is the favorite for the title this" I think we shouldn't forget the Germany team, you know, Spain extreme scene in those years real strength against Spain is the Germany team. Germany teams since Loew took over, has been insisting on technical football route, people used a modified traditional Germany team playing in the impression, now Germany team not only defense strong, efficient on-site and attack, play very pleasing. Germany national team did well in the competition in recent years, they are very powerful frontcourt offensive player, Ernie Zirl, and Mueller, and Clos. "Zhao Mingyuan said has on Germany team enough of attention are talk between, World Cup finals group lots ceremony official began has, old Zhao and Zhao Mingyuan no longer talk, are is focused to see with TV, concern with this World Cup of group situation with time, small easy and m Tiger, leiyu and Feng Ting, Lv Zhiyong and Lv Xiaoyan also are respectively in bedroom of TV Qian concern with World Cup of group situation" Wow! Netherlands and Spain with the group, this is gone, Netherlands fight first! Netherlands second, touch the host Brazil, eight ball! The previous Netherlands eliminated Brazil and Spain beat Netherlands to win the Federation Cup final Brazil WINS Spain won, which was trying to get between them, looking to avenge one another?