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If guozu announced the change after the warm-up WINS in a row,fifa ultimate team coins this sounds a bit ridiculous? However yesterday a professional media magazine text confirmed has this possibilities of exists, and eventually keep Gao Hongbo handsome bit of, not has been open support he of China FA senior, and precisely is FA consider replaces he of object--Italy World Cup champion coach in skin according to the media said, zhiqian China FA through relationship secret contact in skin, hopes he as China men's soccer coach, led team shock 2014 Brazil World Cup, and also for in skin out has high of salary. But the problem is 63-year old Lippi wasn't interested in coming to China to coach and soon declined citing too far from home, the Chinese Football Association's invitation. And according to outside analysis, obstructed name handsome accept this a requires of real causes is he think team of strength too poor zhiqian has been has rumors Gao Hongbo cannot get China FA and of more senior people of full recognized, and more hopes like Olympic for handsome as, please to one in world football has influence of high outside taught, "in skin event" just this a phenomenon of "natural continued". I'm sure Chinese soccer will have bright prospects, as long as we work together, working together, I believe Chinese people do good things! ”

GAO Hongbo with practical action to verify, he said, from the team only at the beginning, Harry Shaw. "technical advisor" to this period of training such as Tang Yao Dong, Zhang Ning "domestic five-person group" joining, these young handsome guozu coaches unanimously praised. The match yesterday, Yu Hongchen and Cao Jingwei two football association leaders personally on the ground "were given a" temporarily cease what may also contact Yang handsome one paragraph, fully support the existing coaching staff to play a good World Cup qualifier signals.