fifa 14 coins the World Cup soccer Asian zone

Xinhua Singapore the day of sports allies (reporter Chen Jipeng) Chinese football team later in the year the World Cup soccer Asian zone qualifying round second leg: victory over Singapore.fifa 14 coins Coach Camacho admitted after the game, a victory for the World Cup is "coming too late," with many fans arrived at the game that day, and which almost turned games into China's large number of Chinese fans at Anfield. Camacho again the escaping formations, Chen Tao and Bowen appeared in the starting lineup in midfield where two teams before the tournament has almost completely lost into Brazil's World Cup chances. Competition initially is not intense, over possession of the Chinese team took control of the situation, although in the minutes before the two teams will have the opportunity, but were unable to break the deadlock until minute, backed only by Chen Tao, Yu Hai scored a goal and score as follows:. Li Weifeng in subsection minutes uses corner opportunities header broke, again Xia a city more hit more Shun of team momentum exuberant, Zheng Zheng two times breakthrough each other defense, scored two ball, which a is from midfielder with ball way killed to each other area charges from the succeeded, another is is in Bowen due to was each other players shovel pour zhihou tries to punched hit each other was red card sent off field zhihou shortly game Hou Camacho insisted said, this one game Qian halftime actually "and against Iraq and Jordan team of game as, are is team scenes accounted for u, but different of is, This time we scored, "Spain coach team player in stressful circumstances can make technical and tactical level denied, said the most important thing is confidence and showing aggression. However, Camacho admits, this game's victory "comes too late for the World Cup qualifier," after this fight, five wars of the Chinese team winning two points. Team Jordan team points must progress, Iraq team score, the two teams will be another game later in the day.