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In heavy rain, the team eventually lost to Hong Kong,buy fifa 14 coins China, 1:2. Exit fans baffled anger quickly spread, anxious fans, some started smashing cars, hard to control. The 90 's of the last century, has quickly become the paradise of Chinese football. That year Italy AC Milan, arsenal, England, and Italy with Sampdoria, and Brazil Gremio even big-name teams to visit England, just didn't count in the worker's Stadium are not smooth against the Chinese national team and Chinese Club Beijing Guoan. This game is gone by the end of the Asian Cup qualifying matches for the Chinese national team, has a very strong meaning of learning and training. This field game, Netherlands aspects will sent Robin van Persie, and Sneijder, and Arjen Robben, all main to China entries, despite China National team and Netherlands aspects in strength Shang has must of gap, but team still look forward to with can in these world BLK players before show out all of technical tactical capacity, continued workers body home of magic Netherlands in its football history Shang has been talent, by Cruyff, and Bergkamp to now of Robin van Persie, and Sneijder are is international top stars. Netherlands be runners-up in the World Cup and the European Cup more than once, and was ranked first in the world in FIFA's official statistics several times. With their participation in the competition, the Netherlands have been designated as national hot. Netherlands World Series Championship, only the 1988 European Cup. 2010 South Africa World Cup, Netherlands third times killed into finals, is in overtime game second half was Spain of Iniesta exterminating, missed strongly God Cup, became has real of in the Dutch Football Friendlies will is one national football feast, China National team of players will and Netherlands of international level BLK stars together for all audience dedication out one wonderful of football game June 11, Beijing workers Stadium, looks forward to you together joined, shared national football feast.