fifa ultimate team coins the North Korean team will be dressed in hongxing grams

Yesterday morning,fifa ultimate team coins bid farewell to the World Cup after 44 years, North Korean football miraculously into the South Africa World Cup finals. As ecstatic as the North Korean team, sports and Fujian famous brand--hongxing grams of "South Africa World Cup, the North Korean team will be dressed in hongxing grams ' tabard ' debut" head of hongxing brand rental, told reporters it is reported that that will be the 2010 South Africa World Cup in the top 32, only a team that dressed in professional sports brand in China. Our province's renowned sports brands--hongxing grams will be with the North Korean team in the World Cup, showed Chinese brands of presence on the international stage 1, North Korea advance to the World Cup, Hung Sing g quick response

Yesterday, 2010 South Africa World Cup qualifier Asia ten strong game last a round yesterday witticism, in yesterday ended of game in the North Korea national team obtained last a directly promotions seats, such Korea and North Korea together March 2010 South Africa World Cup carefully of audience found, North Korea men's soccer is wearing hung stars, grams of "tabard" combat "didn't thought, they to Hung stars, grams brings so high of concern degrees", yesterday, Hung stars, grams brand Department of related heads told reporter, he from beginning to end will game finished, dang game ended Shi , He of first intuition is, Hung stars, grams "win" has according to understanding, early in November 2006, Hung stars, grams has in North Korea capital Pyongyang and North Korea Olympic Committee signed has "North Korea Olympic Committee global cooperation partners" cooperation agreement, by Hung stars, grams to North Korea Olympic delegation full provides various sneakers, and movement clothing, and protectors, professional movement equipment "last year Olympics ended Hou, has was recommends we canceled and North Korea of cooperation, but we analysis Hou, decided to long-term sponsored down", The heads told has a moved hung stars, grams of two a details: a is, North Korea is like wearing red of Hung stars, grams of clothing, a because comparison durable, comfort, also because red comparison festive, symbol victory, warm, this comparison meet they team of character; another is: they is treasure these neighbors brand sponsored of clothing, each of set everything products they also requires mailing to they, because these had with to they victory of clothing is has Memorial meaning. They told Hong star grams had feelings for 2 and analysis of sports marketing resources