fifa 14 coins Chinese homophonic to watch the World Cup


HDTV popular Chinese friends at home can enjoy HD ob games.fifa 14 coins Figures for Spain against Germany beyond the TV screen. (United States Wei-Yu of the newspaper photo)

July 9, according to United States the newspaper reports, South Africa World Cup finals this weekend. Prior to this, fantastic stages offer much competition in Southern California, Chinese-American fans, they also play the "homophonic words" 7th game of fate, Spain 1:0 defeated Germany, and Netherlands teams broke into the 2010 South Africa World Cup finals. Quite a few people calling friends, discuss how to spend a "World Cup weekend" the fate of Chinese homonym for each team

Entered World Cup of eight strong game zhihou, face France, and Italy, and Portugal, and United Kingdom, and Brazil, Argentina, football power, Los Angeles area of Chinese fans in the widely spread with such of "slang": flange "dilute" (West) has, meaning big "away from" (Lee) has, grape "dumb" (teeth) has, British lattice "rotten" (blue) has, BA "dilute" (West) has, now Agen "stopped" (Royale) has entered four strong game zhihou, like Germany team of Chinese fans excited has, they was Germany team 4:0 defeated Australia ; 4:0 swept the South American teams Argentina and conquered, they "gifted" predict the Siniora "under" (Guido), Dutch "rotten" (blue), the Spanish "dumb" (tooth) Bara ""; only "de" (German) States to eventual champion Spain victory over Germany