fifa coins trader the Germans completely defenseless

Liu Sheng Chinese fans,fifa coins trader called "hardcore" Germany fan, even the Germany team, traditional black and white uniforms, his eyes also became a "noble" synonymous. However, see 7th noon Los Angeles time game, from the very beginning, Germany only for strike less than 5 minutes later, that whole ball leaning, the Germans completely defenseless, Liu Sheng sad "super fans" monkey, focus on every game since the World Cup. He looks at the game's very sensible, he said, Spain was finally defeated World Cup Germany, this is Spain a reflection of a rising trend in recent years of football, it can be said to be an inevitable; and Spain into the World Cup finals for the first time in history. Judging from the structure of the players on the field, it can be said that 2008 "European Cup" extension; on the Spain Real Madrid and Germany Bayern Munich in South Africa again. Historically, the two sides clash in the World Cup 3 times, Germany 2-1 where advantage can be fun?

Upcoming finals, Chinese fans where can start planning together, and spent 4 years with the World Cup finals. "4 years Qian, we is in overseas reported Hall see of ball," fans yellow Mr also remember year more than 100 more people gathered see Italy won of scene yellow Mr told reporter, this year he buy has a Taiwan projector, in home on can see 150 inch of HD projection according to reporter understanding, in St cover Bo area has many Chinese operating of restaurant, and bar, and restaurant are specifically acquired has high clear of TV, let everyone can phase poly together see ball. (Wei-Yu)