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According to Nepal overseas Coordination Committee of the most recent data,fifa coins trader in June 2013 to August, with 65 deaths. Described the cause of death, wounded from road accidents to be a blunt, broken hands legs and even suicide, are different. In 2013, more than 65 people have been described as "cardiac arrest", of which more than half of them were related to heart problems, "Amnesty International" report forced FIFA President Sepp Blatter, had to meet with the International Trade Union Confederation Chairman maikeersangmoer. Head of the two international organizations have reached an agreement, decided to take measures to combat abuse of immigrant workers by 2013, Qatar 2022 World Cup Secretary General hasangaertawadi swore the 2022 World Cup will not build the "blood of the innocent". Amnesty International also angrily pointed out that the 2022 World Cup "sacrifice the happiness of all the labour, health, safety, security and dignity." Meanwhile, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Secretary General also said that "our feeling that 2014 will be a very important year, because there are 5 Qatar World Cup Stadium is being built in the process. We make every effort to promote Qatar 2022 World Cup all building works, have reached compliance with worker-friendly Held on the first day of the World Cup bid, we are committed to, and always believe that we can, through the power of football to promote social harmony and development in our country. "(Paul)

The Daily Telegraph report screenshots for the upcoming 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup stadium construction work have been very angry. 2022 Qatar World Cup stadium construction once again exposed the appalling news. According to the English