fifa 14 coins the 2014 Brazil World Cup is expected to use this technology

Now that everything is on track to end.fifa 14 coins FIFA has approved the line, this year's Japan world both Cup and next year's Brazil at the Confederations Cup, this new technology will be enabled. If all goes well, the 2014 Brazil World Cup is expected to use this technology. This also means that all line of pending cases will be ended also in the United Kingdom, the Premier League is in full swing and the other a football revolution is quietly happening. According to United Kingdom media reported, football rules of developed who international football Council (IFAB) has for door line technology big green light, this items controversy has long of technologies is expected to in this year end of of CB furniture Cup Shang get debut of opportunities IFAB is football rules of developed who and modified who, by United Kingdom four foot total (England, and Scotland, and Wales and Northern Ireland) and 4 name from FIFA of members composed. Even after FIFA President Sepp Blatter strongly urge the introduction of technology, but the final decision is in the hands of the IFAB. But recent international football on this issue, the Council finally green light line technology, one of the members of the Organization are expected to officially enter the pitch AJAX Football Association Secretary-General expresses: "maybe in the Premier League next season, install doors line could, but FIFA has been planned to be held at the end of this year, Japan born Cup to experiment. This is an important step forward for us, but the most important thing is we want to make sure that it does not "In addition, next year Brazil Confederations Cup is expected to use this new technology and it is reported that in the first phase of the test, 8 of the original line 6 have been deprecated. And second stage of test will from now to this year June weizhi, remaining of 2 species door line technology will for eventually PK, results most late will in this year July produces yesterday, international football Council in London suburban meets, main agenda is assessment previously of several door line technology, Council eventually recognized by United Kingdom company research of Eagle eye system and by Germany, and Denmark joint venture company research of scored referee system.