fifa 14 coins Europe AFC pushed to cusp Shang

This year's European Cup,fifa 14 coins UEFA was first introduced five-referee system, but even more specifically the eyes of two people staring at the goal line, still failed to avoid "line case" appears. This once, two years Qian World Cup been wronged out of England get has "compensation", Ukraine is been wronged out, this also again caused has "football whether the introduced hi-tech door line technology" of controversy actually, this European Cup "five referee" of practices is not devoid of, group game Germany and Portugal of game, Pepe of volley hit beam Hou heavy hit in door line Shang, Germany goal next of door line referee first time made has firm and correctly of fined: ball didn't into. Dang Platini also in for themselves of good bitter heart received effect is delight of when, "door line grievances" of repeated again will Europe AFC pushed to cusp Shang, "five referee" new gauge also only became others of joke football game the shouldn't introduced hi-tech door line technology, actually this is not a new of topic, FIFA had repeatedly stressed "referee also will committed errors" and "errors is football charm of part", but international contest Shang endless of referee miscalculation event, Makes this explanation is looking more and more like a helpless sophistry under strong outside pressure, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, grip, his public statements in recent days, "can help to determine whether the goal line technology into the high-tech door football game, will be the need to do something. "He also hopes this a technology can appeared in 2014 Brazil World Cup Shang but, whether for this a change, will by is responsible for world football legislation of International Football Association Council (IFAB) eventually clapper; and to Platini for representative of management class is think, introduced hi-tech will interrupted football this items most pop of movement of smooth rhythm, thereby effects ornamental, they willing in people Shang more effort, also not willing to to using machine in hi-tech everywhere is not of world, football of technology change also gradually in controversy in the forward. If we say that "tradition" is the soul of football is not to abandon, "high tech" will play a role? Is the "Angel" and "devil," and it probably will never be the only answer.