fifa ultimate team coins the depth of the Chinese team is not enough

After that night,fifa ultimate team coins those 10 years, the sport did not feel so good again because of that, back to Shenyang to participate in commemorations, Milutinovic is entitled "advice" now guozu coach Camacho. Now with 10 years ago, where the gap of the Chinese team? Milutinovic said: "now, the depth of the Chinese team is not enough, when the main force for each of our locations have a good substitute. I think the left-back is defective, but Yang Pu acceded to this problem solved. "Milutinovic, 6th with the U.A.E. team's warm-up match, the Chinese team scored some," I thought the Chinese team can hit 50. ”

On October 11 in a World Cup Asian zone group eight qualifier "top 20" match, the Chinese team will usher in Iraq the key battle of. Talk about this topic, Milutinovic said: "the crucial 11th, Iraq war, Camacho and team good luck! ”

Received a blessing from Milutinovic, Camacho did not forget to reciprocity, "Milutinovic made history in China, so far, he is the only person to lead the Chinese team into the World Cup finals, coach, I hope to catch up with him, the Chinese team into the World Cup. ”