fifa coins Milutinovic replaced former Camacho aide Meng slot understandable KUKA Anthich


But this is Julio,fifa coins in 2014, joined Guangdong Sunray cave, he admits, after Chinese football more than 10 years and never understood why Chinese football and worse. He stressed that Milutinovic was his football Godfather, so after he arrived in Sunray, hoping his magic like a master, accompanied by two degrees and washed up the Sunray ultra pass in Super League.

Football: the first question I want to ask is, why would you choose a secondary League teams in China to start? Do you have any specific reason?

Julio: quite simply, I want to challenge. If you don't want to challenge, didn't want to risk it, I'll be in Qatar and leads a very easy life. But I believe that compared with China, Qatar's lack of work experience is always a little bit of fun, as a coach, it's hard to tolerate, just two dozen spectators to a game to watch this, I estimate that China will not appear.

You are a lonely, adventurous person?

Or so to speak. My experience is very rich. In Asia, I in Qatar and Iraq stay had; in European, I in law methyl and La Liga also stay had, as Anthich of Assistant, I in World Cup also outlet had, including Federation Cup of game I also participate in had, but I total think, I should returned to China, I think China in 2002 participate in had World Cup yihou, should will thriving, but facts and wishes completely not as.