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After tonight when guozu scored,fifa coins all player hands, solemn facial expressions. Chinese football in their own way to Miss 723 deceased compatriots in the Wenzhou train accidents.

Tonight the 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifying second round, second leg match in the Chinese national team to 6-13-1, two round 3 win over Laos, entered the top 20 in Asia tournament.

These days, about the night of July 23 trains D301 and the D3115 train collision in Wenzhou had been the people most concerned about the events. Long guozu preparing for Vientiane, is no exception. In today's competition, Chinese team in scoring after the move was touching.

Apart from goalkeeper Yang Zhi and other players gathered together, his hands. Although winning, but the players did not smile on his face, did not celebrate the joy of; in its place is a dignified look.

Guozu each into a ball, in commemoration of his countrymen in that way, my condolences. Face the nation grieved captained guozu the same pathos. Football is not a Chinese sports delegation took advantage of Silver King items guozu also has been affected by criticism of the team. But when disaster strikes, the Chinese team had a fiery heart, breathing, a common fate.