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Play their first group match by Italy draw,fifa 14 ultimate team coins defending champion Spain team were questioned. In this regard, Spain teenager Alba made it clear that "a few years ago, everyone will say we defeated drew in Italy is an amazing achievement, why not get it now?"

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque highlighted in the 2010 South Africa World Cup group match, Spain lost the ball, "in the group stages, we can make some mistakes, as long as the timely correction would be good. We are slowly getting better, please rest assured. ”

Spain confident Ireland left laoshuai at least Trapattoni on his lips no pushover, "Spain is good, but so what? Ireland would still insists that he played on, I can tell you that the Ireland game against Croatia Squad, will play from the beginning, I think the boys played well, didn't have the necessary surface area adjustment team. ”

Two warring 24 games in its history, Spain 13-7-4 position of absolute dominance. Fought against in the European Championship qualifier in 6 games, Spain 4-2 undefeated Spain coach Vicente del Bosque are wondering how do you arrange Torres play for, this is a dilemma of choices: first, Torres's recent poor state; second, a defending team need a true striker. Someone put Spain up front candidate threw to Ireland coach Trapattoni, the answer I got was: "this is Bo in Gdansk to consider things, I wouldn't mind. ”