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"Once again,fifa coins he did it ... ... We have seen leaders representing different views, to see people from all walks, come together. He had once again demonstrated the ability of tolerance--to connect people together ... ... This is the true meaning of peace. "Ban Ki-moon says Barack Obama: Mandela is" history of the Titans "

United States President Barack Obama, said that Mandela was "giants of history" he thanked South Africa share with the people of the world, Mandela, in his view, the goals of this trip was to celebrate human "Savior" Obama said Mandela's brilliant life, school, stories that inspired Mandela, he dabbled in politics. Themselves from Mandela, learned a lot of things, "teach us the ability of Mandela, also teach us a lot of ideas. Even in the face of adversity, he also studied, learned from friends or learn from rivals. He put on his trial into the stage accused apartheid. "Obama says Barack Obama finally said with emotion:" when the nights become darker when injustice is all in the heart, or when everything wrong, think of Madiba (Mandela's clan name King), like cell walls saying: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ”

Czech Republic: a great man is gone, the spirit lives on

The special representatives, Chinese Vice President XI Jinping, China's President, Li yuanchao said that Mandela's new South Africa's founders, is the pride of the people of Africa, he was national liberation, unity and cooperation, development and progress in Africa has contributed his whole life. He created the cause will be carried forward, South Africa people continue to achieve national development-South relations in the construction of important achievements, Mandela is one of the founders, the Chinese people will never forget his significant contributions to friendship and Sino-African relations in the South.