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Argentina coach Diego Maradona was the player's time,fifa coins trader no doubt was the best player in the world, but now serve as Argentina national coach post by many Argentina national soccer fans a serious question, Argentina qualify for the World Cup were suspended this legendary time's over the former Argentina footballer, was considered most outstanding in the history of football is one of the most controversial players. The legendary King in the history of football, genius and controversial State. from her youth is the focus of the spotlight, his life has been documented as a movie.

Maradona's kick downfield to anywhere with his left foot kick, dribbling technique can be described as unique, shooting technique is the top level, has made use of the "hand of God" winning the 1986 World Cup title, the Golden Globes. He advocates using "honest" and "refusal to betray" excuse for him, and his critics are belittling his material: after all, he has used an air gun to shoot at journalists, also insulted the Pope on national television, he could always make people both love and hate. On the pitch, however, Maradona is nothing short of a King, he's just doing my favorite thing, but for others it may be poor its life impossible was born in Buenos Aires, Maradona, his junior team "Western onion" teams in the country hit a 140-game unbeaten 14 years old to enter Argentina first division team agentingqingnianren team play list, because at a time when Argentina strike without an appearance. 1991 cocaine failed to pass a drug test, had an affair in connection with triad was suspended 15 months Korea coach Huh Jong-moo

Korea coach Huh Jong-moo (Huh Jung Moo), born January 13, 1955 in Korea, Seoul. Huh Jong-moo have had a brilliant experience for players age, play anywhere except the goalie, his versatile cast iron-clad character.