fifa 14 ultimate team coins the Club has not received a formal offer from any teams on the Conca

Liu yongzhuo,fifa 14 ultimate team coins Chairman of Guangzhou hengda Club revealed that currently the Club has not received a formal offer from any teams on the Conca. "Currently we no received any team on Conca of official quotes, we currently also no a so-called of psychological price, because we first to do of is full retain," Liu yongzhuo said constant big not didn't want to introduced card card, unfortunately of is, card card eventually consider wanted to participate in 2014 Brazil World Cup, refused to has constant big of transfer requires, but he said, in 2014 years Hou, he hopes to constant big play. But that was two years later, Kaka's position, Chairman Xu jiayin, evergrande group made it clear that aid after the maximum cannot exceed 26 years old, this means constant next year to introduce the players can only be born after 1988. Jin Yingquan is foreign aid, was born in 1990, and more in line with the requirements of evergrande eventually signed the British King, and their transfer policy. Xu jiayin has repeatedly said: "on the introduction of foreign aid and assistance, to stand on a commercial mode of operation, we bring in foreign aid, are in the prime of life when playing year. I would like to go to evergrande's $ 3 million worth, left hengda Club, $ 5 million. To have this thought, because players when playing a year of rapidly rising. We must be reflected in operating commercial operation, can lose money in the first year, second year can also lose money, third and fourth years to find a way to make money. ”

Talk about Korea players, evergrande has one player thinks it works for evergrande's style. However, if seen from the AFC Champions, Kim Eng had every opportunity to participate in the yidihade of the right to competition, Zhang Lin Peng suspended, Zheng an and Beijing Guoan game played on central defender, its performance once again proves that he is not fit for the position. In the case of only one central defender Feng xiaoting, Jin Yingquan is undoubtedly the best firefighters.