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Keita: very good! buy fifa 14 coins Although the team started well, but in the end we got the fifth place. Throughout the second half of the season we are the most powerful team, which proved the team was very level. Personally, I'm very happy here. Here I made a goal, or sent a lot of assists. I feel like I can help the team win, I feel happy and of course Keita: when you left Barcelona to play for China, surely you can't expect their levels are the same as you. In fact, if you leave teams like Barcelona, you will not be able to find a high level team of FIFA's official website: Mali has many talented players, but has yet to win a Championship. Do you think the team to become a King in Africa, still missing something?

Keita: continuity. It is unfortunate, many players are not playing them either because of injury or other reasons. In addition, we have changed coaches in a row. Things, at least there is stability. Always change for the team, this is an obstacle. Sustainability is the key to FIFA's official website: do you think team in the 2014 Brazil World Cup did have a place?

Keita: of course! When you're a football player, you will wish to participate in the World Cup tournament. I was lucky enough to appear on the U20 World Cup in 1999 (Keita for the best players, obtained third place in Mali), and now I hope that at the end of my career to participate in this contest. I cannot imagine, if we are lucky enough to get into the World Cup finals, how happy people in Mali. As long as we have a chance to enter the World Cup, we will do everything possible to achieve it.