FIFA coins Venues under construction collapsed Brazil World Cup is very poor


Local time on the 27th, 2014 Brazil World Cup opener severe collapse in Stadium, Brazil authorities officially declared an accident has killed 3 people. Brazil responsibility to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, is in the process of building stadiums, construction progress slow, frequent security incidents to the imagination: Brazil World Cup very bad money?

Brazil World Cup will spread out over 12 cities, during this year's Confederations Cup, 6-City competition venues have been completed and put into use; 6-seater stadium to be delivered before December 31 this year. Deadline was still a month away, Sao Paulo and stadium project natal as 94, field progress to 92 in Porto Alegre, Manaus is 90.5., Cuiaba to 89, compared to 82.7 in Curitiba on the surface is a venue-duration delay, concealed behind Brazil worries financial constraints by the Government. On Monday, Brazil Sports Ministry announced the latest data, 12-seat World Cup stadium construction costs, in December last year, an increase of 1 billion reais, or about 2.6 billion yuan, the total amount reached about 21.2 billion yuan. Moreover, 99.4 per cent of such funds came from the Government investment. Due to increased venue construction costs, improvements in infrastructure projects without raising more money, Brazil Government having to cancel part of the urban infrastructure project in just 4 years, two of the world's biggest sporting event, to Brazil for a developing country like, is an unprecedented challenge, the biggest challenge is to Brazil and the limited number of outdated and backward infrastructure. Upgrading infrastructure requires a large input, also needs to attract more foreign capital infusion. However affected by the debt crisis in Europe and the United States effects of the economic recession, Brazil's economic growth has been slow, decline in foreign investment. This year, Brazil's economic growth almost at a standstill. According to Brazil's Central Bank forecast that this year Brazil economic growth rate will remain at 2.21% low, hit a record low in recent years, expected to host two major sporting events to boost the economy, however the stage has not been set, wallets are already strained. This affects all, stadium building always slips and many original designs because the duration and funding problems had to be abandoned. Working process is bound for security breaches, between June last year and May this year, the Brazil World Cup venues 5 security incidents have taken place one after another. Many fans in Brazil to pray in the hope that they can be safely built stadiums, World Cup could be held smoothly and on time.