Aion Gold Palermo is on the break-in period of Inter Milan

Tencent sports news devil at home in Palermo, was stormed after 28 minutes, how many teams are able to get away with it? But Inter Milan can. Became giant killers in Palermo, inter this time it fell on the feet of giants. At the same time, inter also used a classic reversal proved themselves over serie a top dog before this battle, has maintained a 21-8 at home in Palermo, astonishing record of 29 games unbeaten. While the team's last home defeat, going back to March 1, 2009, 0:4 Catania, arena Monster level speaks for itself. Serie a range can be compared with it, along with Sampdoria and Inter Milan. And this time, Palermo is on the break-in period of Inter Milan inter's feet are in the team is not a good situation, difficult win for Udinese at home last weekend, midweek draw with tewente. At difficult times, Palermo, inter are consumed with the bones so tough. Back World War II times, de Army relies on Lightning war sneak up on has Poland of Warsaw, and this also and this field game of process some similar, inter in first half subsection 28 minutes on proclaimed goal fall, Pastore and Ilisic of before and after crossfire, let Cesar trade-off face adverse situation, if is Shang season Mourinho coached of inter, fans were may also not too for worried, because maniac treatment Xia of inter, staged had many shaking reversed of show, which to Champions League group game guest war Kiev and League 4:3Reverse race in Siena is the most classic.