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Records are made to be fifa 14 ultimate team coins And in international football of history Shang, total some records away not and the following is finishing of "international football to break of ten records", and everyone together share Xia those a station in history stage of genius in iron handsome Capello of led Xia, Serie a giants AC Milan Yu one thousand nine hundred and ninety one-ninety seconds season, and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two-ninety thirds season hit has League 58 field continuous not defeated of amazing records in this a began Yu Parma (0 0), and finally Parma (0 1) of magic cycle in the, Red Black regiment on like parked in peninsula of a ship invincible battleship, its 39 WINS 19 flat, and continuous 58 field not defeated of amazing records almost makes later who looked peak card heart also has other several support team created had continuous dozens of field not defeated of success, worth concern of is, they and AC Milan as are into has "reincarnation" of magic curse Netherlands powerhouse AJAX Yu ninety three-ninety fourths season beat Willem II zhihou hit has 54 field not defeated of records, but in January 1996, they was Willem II beat, and records end And Dalian Wanda 1995 loss to Shanghai Shenhua in the a-League after 55 games unbeaten in the League, ultimately they are still unbeaten in Shanghai Shenhua end perhaps only Premier League Giants arsenal out of the "curse of reincarnation". Gunmen on May 8, 2003, 6-1 win over Southampton, began their journey of 49 games unbeaten in the Premier League. On October 24, 2004, Wenger's team was defeated by Manchester United at Old Trafford NO.2: Gabriel Batistuta 11 consecutive rounds in Serie a goal

Italy Soccer League's fabled "rc" style is famous for its defense of the strikers on the pitch, were faced with the cruelty of the other defensive players challenge, we can imagine, in the Apennine scoring the game, is a very difficult thing.