FIFA ut coins running with the ball more than 90 meters

Maybe it's the long personal goal in international football history!mmoinbox In the first round matches in the Serie a 1996-97 season, Verona directly from a corner on the right side drive to the foot of George WEAH. Liberians began marauding from the penalty area, he looks like a mad animal, running with the ball more than 90 meters, Verona player will not stop d o. WEAH scored right foot to push score complete this goal, this is George WEAH personal career goal!

5, Ryan Giggs (Wales)

1998-99 season, the FA Cup semi-final, Manchester United VS arsenal

The great 1999 season at Old Trafford,

6, Saeed owairan (Saudi Arabia)

1994 World Cup group game, Saudi Arabia VS Belgium

No one thinks of Asian players to be in complete World Cup riding alone for thousands of miles. In the 1994 World Cup group game in Saudi Arabia and Belgium's game, Saeed owairan becomes Asia's hero of the fans. At that time, Saeed owairan marauding runs all the way after getting the ball in the backcourt, after running for about 70 meters and Saeed owairan shovel shot the ball into the goal. Score the future was chosen as FIFA's top ten goals of 17 World Cup, Michael Owen (England)

The 1998 World Cup, England VS Argentina

The 1998 World Cup, the world got to know Irving! England and Argentina matches, Owen fully shows his speed advantage. Upon receipt of such Beckham ball, Owen back-to-back out Argentina Defender, including the use of speed cheat Argentina famous Defender Ayala, then the ball into the goal! Whole world is applauding for Owen, Chinese fans gave him

8, Thierry Henry (France)

2002-03 season, the Premier League 14th round, arsenal VS Tottenham Hotspur

Henry owns the wind speed when he speeds up, and no one can stop the France striker's pace. 2002-03 season, the Premier League 14th round, Henry perform riding alone for thousands of miles in the League games against Tottenham. When Henry got the ball in the back, he used his speed with the ball forward dash. After the escape three defenders, Henry left their shot at the front 14 meters into the top left corner. After the goal, Henry heard the cheers from the fans at Highbury. This goal was voted the best goal in the Premier League that season!!